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Using my certificate in energy medicine from the Shift Network by the author Cyndi Dale I am able to give you a full understanding of your symptoms and allows for the assessment of what specific energy work is needed. Using my intuition, yours and my helping guides, we are able to assess tools you will be able to use for your lifetime. You will receive the healing and a way for you to maintain this in your own time as you see fit.



I come with years of experience in this field working on my self and have spent much time working away at the things in me that need to evolve. In my awakening I have realized how this love of healing is not just for my self but for all of those willing to accept it to make their lives better by stepping into their light and giving themselves the time to shine.


I have found my path in healing myself and have a vision to bring as much healing to the world as I can. There has never been a better time to start when the world needs as many people to heal as it can. 

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