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My absolute favorite part about all that you will experience is one of re-connection. Re-connection to your soul, your loved ones and to nature. These session are so important and is such a special part of this process of falling in love with yourself.


                     I feel it is my genuine purpose to be on the planet to help others receive this beautiful experience as I have. I have been doing energy work for the last 5 years. We always start with ourselves to clear away all the clutter that keeps up from healing. Once I first received this healing, I wanted it for every soul on the planet. I am here to tell you that I would love to share this universal energy with you as well. To bring balance and love to everyone who is ready and brave enough to start their own healing. The path of getting back to God /source. To be connected through Love and light.

                     I started my journey as a mother of two boys on the autism spectrum who were nonverbal. I needed to find a way to know what they needed and how to help them heal in a different way than I have ever been shown. I was guided to reiki and fell in love day one. My children have since grown into these glowing souls who have been given the space to purely be themselves as we all deserve to be. 15 years of trying to figure out a different language no one else had spoken to me yet and I finally found it in this beautiful energy medicine. Married 17 years and am finally finding my place in the world at 42. 

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